Drive Down Auto Insurance Rates Post-Collision

Defensive Driving Course

Defensive driving courses are proof that you take safe and attentive driving seriously. As a result, auto insurance companies are willing to give you a hefty discount.

It doesn't hurt that sometimes you can wipe points off of your record by taking one!

These courses can generally be completed in one week, just an hour or two a day. You can take them online or in a real brick — and — mortar classroom. You might be able to get your defensive driving certificate for cheap at the local community college.

Safety Add-ons

There are a whole world of additional safety devices you can get for your car. Often they cost less than $100 and will save you five times that in just a few years.

Look into:

  • Extra Airbags and Pads
  • Back Up Sensing Systems (Cameras)
  • Auto Dimming Mirrors (Electro chromatic)
  • Head Restraints to reduce neck injuries
  • Heads Up Display (HUD)
  • Extra Seat Belts (Automatic and Emergency Locking Retractor)
  • Child Tethers
  • Padded Knee Bolster
  • OnStar

Get a Safer Vehicle

If you are looking to get a new or used vehicl — maybe to replace the one you just wrecked — you can compensate for your increased risk in your auto insurance by getting a safer automobile. New vehicles have incredible safety standards, especially the award winners, so it might be worth it in the long run to get a newer car now and save on auto insurance well into the future.

Preemptive Strike

If you haven't gotten into a collision yet or want to prevent rate hikes for a future collision, there are things you can do to minimize the potential damage to your bank account.

Forgiveness Clause

Some auto insurance providers will grant you a forgiveness clause on your policy. This is an agreement not to increase your auto insurance rate if you have a collision within a specified time period or even just completely forget about your first collision altogether.

These come in different shapes and sizes depending on the auto insurance provider. You may have to pay a bit extra for this, but, if you do have a crash, it will have been well worth it.

Ask for Point Plan

Every auto insurance provider has a different scheme for how they increase rates after collisions. When you are shopping around for auto insurance, ask the agents you talk to to supply you with their own point plan. That way, you can compare plans company to company and factor that into your decision.