Guide to Huge Auto Insurance Savings

Start with the Car

New or Used?

There is a myth going around that used cars are cheaper to insure because they have less value, so are less expensive to replace. The truth is that you have to balance expense versus safety. Newer vehicles tend to have better safety features, protecting you from injury and your auto insurance company from medical bills.

Award Yourself with Safety

The vehicles that win safety awards tend to be cheaper in terms of auto insurance. Whether you are buying new or used, start your car search with award winners.

Foreign vs Domestic

On the whole, domestic cars are cheaper to insure than foreign cars. However, keep in mind that many "foreign" automobiles are actually produced in the United States. For this reason, they might have the same auto insurance rates as their domestic equivalent.

Foreign luxury vehicles like BMW, Mercedes, and Ferrari are by far the most expensive on average. While German luxury automakers do win plenty of safety awards, those savings are rarely enough to compensate for the cost of service and replacement.

Lower the Risk

Auto insurance providers charge you based on how much of a risk there is that you will file a claim. To determine this risk, they use statistics and probability. You can use these risk factors to lower that risk and save money.

Credit Score

Lower your credit score to save big. Start by getting a credit report and paying down some credit cards and outstanding debt.

Driving Record

You can't help your past, but you do control your future. Start driving safely and lawfully right now. Get a copy of your driving record from the police to make sure there are no errors.


Defensive Driving

Defensive driving courses only take a few hours. You'll be driving more safely and getting a hefty discount.

Lower Mileage

The lower your annual mileage, the less you pay. Drive less than 15,000 miles for massive savings!


Add on extra safety and anti-theft features. These cost little up front and will save you hugely in the long-run.

Multiple Policies

Combine auto insurance policies with your family and use the same company for all your insurance.

Good Grades

Extra incentive for students to study hard.

Shop Around

Use auto insurance rate quotes to find the most affordable auto insurance providers. Then, talk to an agent from the cheapest companies and ask them about discounts. Don't be afraid to let them know what other auto insurance providers are offering.